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St. Christopher - Patron of travelers
Saint Christopher is the patron of everything that has something to do with transportation, and this pendant should protect you from any danger, and it should remind you that you should be careful when traveling. After all, a happy homecoming is the most important thing. The pendant is also a great gift. This way you can say you care about someone and think of him on his travels too.
  • Officially blessed by Bishop Pavel Posád
  • Made of gold 585/1000; 1,70 g
  • Set with a diamond 0,005 ct; G/SI1
  • 1/1 plain 1K carbon fiber used
  • Jewelry certified by Certificate of Authenticity card
  • A Brand ambassador is a car racer Michael Vorba
  • Delivered in a luxury box with the LUSSIEN logo
  • Pendant size without eyelet is 20x20 mm
The goods are in stock, we may ship within 3 days.
The goods are in stock, we may ship within 3 days.
Price: 6 490,00 CZK EUR PLN
The Legend of St. Christopher

Saint Christopher is the patron and protector of children, drivers, pilots and airmen, sailors, ferrymen, pilgrims, motorists, motorcyclists, air rescue - everything that has to do with transportation.

Saint Christopher is also a protector of sudden death, of the danger of fire and water, of diseases, natural hazards, and extreme weather.

The most famous story is a story about a man named Reprobus. He was a man of a giant figure and wanted to serve only the greatest of the kings. When he discovered that his king was afraid of the devil, he had come to the service of the devil. He found the devil was afraid of the sign of the white cross. From one pilgrim he learned that Jesus Christ is the one the devil is afraid of. Reprobus wanted to serve him. The pilgrim told him he would serve Christ when he was going to transport the way through a flooded river. He once carried a child across the river. The child was getting heavier and heavier. The giant was very surprised and asked the child for an explanation. The child told him that he was Jesus Christ, the king he was seeking. He carried all the weight of the world with him on his shoulders. The giant did not trust him and asked the child for a miracle. The massive stick that leaned on the people to cross the river grew brighter and later showed flowers and fruits. Jesus baptized the giant and gave him the name Christophorus, which in Greek means "The one who bears Christ". - source: wikipedia.org

About a jewel
The pendant of Saint Christopher is officially blessed by the High Church Authority of the Czech Republic, Mr. Bishop Mons. Mgr. Pavel Posad. The blessing took place directly at the Bishop's Palace in České Budějovice city and this pendant should have a protective meaning for the wearer.

Saint Christopher is the patron and protector of children, drivers, pilots and airmen, sailors, ferrymen, pilgrims, motorists, motorcyclists, air rescue - everything that has to do with transportation.
Saint Christopher is also a protector of sudden death, of the danger of fire and water, of diseases, natural hazards and extreme weather.
LUSSIEN is the brand of the Czech company Lussien jewelry s.r.o., which is based in the Czech Republic. We have been producing all Lussien jewelry in the Czech Republic since 2013. We are fans of cars and motorsport and this is partly reflected in our jewels. LUSSIEN jewelry is specific by the fact that we use carbon (carbon fiber) combined with gold and diamonds. Carbon is a truly unique carbon-based material. And carbon is also a diamond. Also we combined two forms of carbon and added gold. By combining these three materials, something really special was created. And if you own something exceptional, you are also exceptional. Come with us to experience that feeling.

Carbon is a unique composite hi-tech carbon fiber material - lightweight as a plastic, solid as steel. Due to its exceptional characteristics, industrial carbon is used in astronautics, aviation, automotive, e.g. Formula 1, Ferrari or Lamborghini, and also for yachts. The use of carbon fibers is also widespread in medicine. The finest carbon shows a very interesting 3D effect when looking at the surface, when the material changes its appearance according to the angle of the light. We use only the finest selection for our Lussien jewelry. It is cut and polished to the maximum mirror gloss for the exclusive appearance of the spatial structure of the material.


Thanks to its beauty and value, gold has always been used to make luxury jewelry. It is a very rare metal with exceptional properties that are used mainly in industry, electronics and medicine.
Gold never corrodes and therefore never loses its beauty. It is very resistant and durable. Due to its high value, gold was also used as a cash and value-for-life tool in times of crisis. The gold price still rises therefore it is also an interesting investment tool.


Since ancient times, diamond has been a symbol of beauty, purity, love and riches. People searched, adored and worshiped these natural art pieces. Diamonds have always been enriched with secrets and mysteries. Diamond is the hardest natural material in the world, so it was in ancient times called "indestructible" and "eternal". Diamonds are mysterious messengers from the depths. They were built millions of years ago more than 150km below the earth's surface by the crystallization of carbon at extreme pressure and temperature. They are very rare and their value is constantly growing, so they can also be a great investment.

With each St. Christopher pendant you will receive a certificate of authenticity with a unique identification number. In this so-called Birth certificate jewelry, there are recorded the most important data for unambiguous identification of the pendant. We certify especially the authenticity of the jewelry and the used materials and their quality. In carbon, it is the weaving structure and the number of threads in one loop, with gold guaranteeing its color, purity and weight. With diamond, we guarantee its weight, color and purity too.
Car racer and instructor Michael Vorba has been the face of the LUSSIEN brand since 2015. Establishing this collaboration was the next link between LUSSIEN Carbon Jewelry and the world of motorsport.
Michael Vorba is a Czech car racer with rich experience, since his first race in 1994. Since then, he has been one success after another, and he has been among the top racers in the field, and he is the European champion of go-karts, historically the first Czech has won at the Formula BMW race, the winner of the Škoda Octavia Cup, won the title in the absolute rating of the MMČR, where he competed with the Ferrari F430 GT for the MenX team and then with the Ferrari 458 GT3 for the RPD Racing Team, this is a brief list of the successes of this high-flying racer. Nowadays, Michael Vorba also acts as a team manager for the Lukamotorsport racing team and dedicates himself to the sale of luxury and sports cars under his own VMCARS company.
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